Impression of winners of Sport Climbing World Cup 2014 about Baku and competition

The winners of Sport Climbing World Cup (3-4 May,2014) shared their impressions about Baku and competition. 

In the discipline of bouldering among men Dmitriy Sharafutdinov (Russia, 1st place):

- Baku more beautiful and attractive city than I imagined. I stayed in the city and really enjoyed it. The locals are very hospitable, friendly and welcoming. At the same time, very pleased with the attention to the athletes, and I think that all athletes in solidarity with me. The place chosen for the competition is very impressive. I was delighted with the Baku Boulevard. Organization, preparation for competition from a technical point of view was at the highest level. In the future, I think that Azerbaijan will achieve great results in the field of sport climbing. Thank you all.

In the discipline of speed among women Jaubert Anouck (France, 3rd place):

The first time I am in Baku. Despite the fact that I've been to many countries around the world, Baku is quite different. Baku contrasting city where modern intertwined with the old. Baku at night looks particularly impressive. I am very glad that ranked third. I've done all they can to become a winner. Thank FAIREX for hosting the event at the highest level.

In the discipline of speed among men Danylo Boldyrev (Ukraine 1st place):

I am very glad that I was in Azerbaijan. The locals are very friendly. On his return home, I will share about what friendly people here. Last year I participated in the World Cup held in Baku where I took second place. I was able to walk around the city. I am here for two days. But despite this, tomorrow we will have the opportunity to see the sights of Baku and taste delicious national cuisine of Azerbaijan. In Azerbaijan, everything is fine. I've enjoyed my stay. Azerbaijani athletes are very friendly. I was impressed that the city has Martyrs' Lane.

In the discipline of speed among men Zhong Qixin (China, 3 rd place):

This is my first visit to Baku and I loved the city. In Baku, the second time passed international competition and I hope that in the future Azerbaijan will organize more meaningful competition. In Azerbaijan, extreme sports have gained popularity, and we can say that the number of stakeholders in the sport is increasing day by day. Sport develops dynamically I Azerbaijan. As I know, the European Olympic Games 2015 will be held in Azerbaijan. Congratulations!

In the discipline of bouldering Noguchi Akiyo (Japan, 2 nd place):

I loved Baku, and to be honest, I never expected that the city is so beautiful. Especially I liked Baku Boulevard. The streets of the city are clean and quiet. People are very friendly and hospitable. The competition took place at the highest level and each of the athletes is treated with care. Thanks for everything.



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