Dairy of trip...

      So, the ascent is completed, participants returned to Baku with a great mood, a considerable quantity of impressions and desire to share with friends. This ascent became opening not only for the Norwegian scouts that it is no wonder, but also for our children.

     For all of them this mountain hike was the first in life, and for the first time they got into such a beautiful, amazing places. According to one of the participants, they did not suspect what stunning mountain ranges, deep canyons, clear rivers and waterfalls with icy water it is possible to see in our mountains. At nights starry sky, covered myriads of flickering grains of sand, the dome was lowered over our camp and attracted the looks of travelers to itself, at mornings mountain partridges and skylarks woke the children with their singing the murmur of brooks and noise of the mountain rivers accompanied us in transitions from a camp to the camp, and a mountain sun covered a bronze sunburn our skin. And during all hike a wonderful weather accompanied us
       A route was laid so, that we began and made off the way in the settlement Gryz-Dahna of the Guba area. The first day after arrival and dinner we conducted a small training-seminar under the scouts program.
The next day, in the early morning, at 7 o'clock we went out in a hike. The task for the first day was fairly difficult: to climb on alpine meadows on a plateau, having typed on a vertical about 900 meters of height (from a 1350m to 2200m). Despite lacking the experience, all children have passed test on excellent", and by 11 o'clock we already were on a place where according to plan there should be our first camp. After dinner, walk with a camera on vicinity, to sacred place, on the nearby cliffs, whence opens a remarkable kind. With sunset got cold, that it was a few unexpectedly for us all, forgetting, what a temperature is 30 degrees below, a small fire warmed us not long, and soon cold wind and fatigue dispersed all on tents, especially as in the morning again expected lifting
      Early in the morning the rising sun has shined our camp and even the sluggard could not be in tent longer. Fast rapid rise, a light breakfast, we pack backpacks, and here we are already ready to go to a way. For this time we shall transition in village Kryz. This surprising settlement located deeply in mountain district and on half a year cut off from all world. Inhabitants of villages Kryz speak in the language. Inhabitants of settlements Kryz-Dahna, Jack, Alik use this language still. Late in the evening, teacher Shihbaba told us many interesting things about language, about the history of the village and its inhabitants. But it was in the evening…
      The picturesque road led us through the hay meadows to the pass, which opened with a beautiful view of the surrounding peaks, villages Kryz and Jack valley of the river of Gudialchay. We go to a radial exit in a river Gudialchay canyon to the pedestrian bridge. We go back to an evening, got tired, but very happy. Canyon of the river, bridge, red cliffs,- all this has made an indelible impression on our Norwegian guests, and we have not remained indifferent to such beauty!
In the evening we meet with children, organize merry games for them, we tell about scouting, and our guys conduct a friendly soccer match with young people Kryz. Game comes to an end already in twilight, and we still for a long time do not disperse, we talk to children about everything and feels like they are glad to the new people, new acquaintances. All are satisfied, but night comes, and tomorrow children are waited again by work on haymaking, and us is a road. Good night Кryz, we love you!

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Sender: Fredrik Westby

Dear Jane!? How are you? First off: Thank you so much for our wonderful hiking this summer! It's the best single nature experience I have ever had! And it will never be forgotten. It's been great to experience Azerbaijans breathtaking mountains and meeting the locals in several villages. I really enjoyed our route, we saw lots of differendt exiting things like waterfalls, climbing routes, steep hills, eagles, sunsets and beautiful flowers. We also had a really cool short trip up and down through a river, where we where walking in a cave-like shaped mountain. It is one of lots of wonderful memories together with wonderful people.? Again: thank you so much! Hope everything is fine, I heard you went to a mountain above 4000m, sounds really nice! Take care! - Fredrik

01-9-2010  |  20:47
Sender: Nigar K.

После года студенческой жизни в Будапеште, когда почти каждый день был ознаменован чем-то новым и интересным, и почти ежемесячно мы ездили в какую-нибудь европейскую страну, я думала, что меня трудно будет чем-либо удивить. Но этот поход опроверг все мои ожидания. Я не буду даже говорить о той красоте, которую нам предстояло увидеть, если норвежские гости, повидавшие полмира, не могли перестать выражать свой восторг! Безумно мне понравилась вся обстановка и атмосфера в команде. Были представители разных возрастов и культур, но между нами не было никаких границ. Все легко друг друга понимали, и всем было интересно. Никогда не забуду, как в последнюю ночь у костра один из норвежцев поделился со мной своими мыслями: «Я всегда пытался сделать что-нибудь большое, сумасшедшее, из ряда вон выходящее, чтобы почувствовать, что я счастлив. А оказывается можно быть счастливым от совсем простых и обыкновенных вещей, как этот наш поход и этот костер, и звезды над головой». Я думаю, он абсолютно прав, но чтобы понять все это, надо периодически уходить из шумной и суетливой городской жизни и устраивать такие вот походы.

31-8-2010  |  13:58
Sender: ASK

Hi! Here you have some sentence from me about the impression of the hike. The hiking trip we had together with ASA in the Caucasus is one of the most special and interesting experiences I have had in my life. We got to see the mountains (that is quite different from ours) and the animals living there, mostly sheep and cows, but we also saw a lot of eagles. I think we all were really amazed to see six eagles flying while we were standing on a cliff 50 meters above them. We visited some small villages where we were taken good care of, got tea all the time and saw how you do your daily life when you have to make almost everything yourselves. It was really nice to meet at these kind and generous people that shared so much although they had to work so hard to get it. Best regards Ask Pape - Norway

31-8-2010  |  13:55
Sender: Naila K.

Это было потрясающе… Оказавшись среди такой природы, ты понимаешь, насколько она велика и насколько ничтожен человек.Город со всей его суетой и шумихой остается где-то далеко-далеко позади. Боже, за все эти 6 дней я ни разу не вспомнила ни про компьютер, ни про мобильный телефон… Каждый новый день – это новые места, новые знакомства. Ты даже саму себя открываешь как-то по-новому. Потом приходит ночь, ты залезаешь в свою теплую палатку после десятого кона игры в «мафию» и спишь как младенец – без задних ног… За эти шесть дней участники похода стали для меня такими близкими и родными! Будь у меня возможность вернуть время вспять и повторить все сначала, я бы ничего не поменяла, ни одну деталь, ни одно мгновение. Даже ночь в селении Крыз с бесконечными разговорами о крызском языке и культуре, когда мы все безумно хотели спать, и последовавшее затем тяжелое «сражение» с баранами (не буду вдаваться в детали  ) останутся со мной на многие, многие годы как одни из самых теплых воспоминаний. Я очень и очень благодарна тете Жене за то, что она подарила мне эти 6 прекрасных дней. Жду с нетерпением ее новых идей.

31-8-2010  |  13:53
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